Kevin enjoys lots of different things but there are four things he absolutely loves, his wife, his kids, his job and racing cars.

Motorsport has always been a huge part of Kevin’s life, initially he was just a huge F1 fan however, after to quote Kevin  ‘Bernie the poisoned dwarf, sold us all down the river’ his tastes (much like the 2017 tyres) widened.

Now he’s happy to watch pretty much anything from lights to flag as long  it’s competitive, reasonably priced, accessible and on terrestrial television. One such series, which over delivers on all four of these criteria, is the British Touring Car Championship and he loves it.

Not only has he been able to watch all the action live on TV for free, but he has also had the pleasure of going to some of the races, meeting the drivers and on two separate occasions (Mike Epps and Matt Neal) he’s been a VIP guest.

Constantly seeking ways to marry up two of his passions (comedy and racing), Kevin is now making a brand new YouTube series ‘Old Dog, New Tricks’ which follows his attempts to win a fully funded VW Racing Cup drive in 2017 as part of the Team Hard Racing scholarship.