Since he was old enough to shout action (man), Kevin has been fascinated by television and film, and dreamed to make some. Luckily for him the internet came to the rescue: places like YouTube arrived and gave him (and any other chump with a cute cat) the ability to, in part, make that dream a reality.

For a long time his only foray into this lawless and intriguing world (where a child biting a sibling’s finger can be infinitely more successful  than a documentary on philosophy) was to post the video sections from his 2006
Edinburgh Comedy Festival show ‘Comics Die in Hot Cars’.  Shot entirely in his car, using a camera he borrowed from a university, the show explored what it was like to be a jobbing comedian operating on the lower rungs of the comedy ladder.  Ironically many of the stars of the video have now long since departed the lower rungs and in some cases become household names: Matt Crosby, Rufus Hound and even Jimmy Carr all jumped into Kev’s battered Rover and shared their experiences.

2016 brought a new dawn in his passion for videography.  Seeing untapped potential (or “untaped” if you prefer) Kevin’s loving wife bought him a brand new DSLR camera.  With his new kit in hand, a broad smile on his face and warmth in his heart, he was once again making videos.

Kevin’s latest YouTube project ‘Old Dog, New Tricks’ follows his quest to realise another dream (he’s got loads of them): to become a racing driver.  The first series follows Kevin’s attempts to win a fully funded race season with Team Hard Racing in the VW Racing Cup.

Still chasing his dream series two of Old Dog New Tricks follows Kevin as he attempts to transfer his love of sim racing onto a real circuit.